Tesla Model Y: Should You Buy?

Tesla has developed a knack for delivering on its promises. The all new Model Y is the latest addition to Tesla’s portfolio of electric vehicles and is created on proven Tesla Model 3 platform. 

Tesla did not arrive at Model Y as the name for their latest entrant by accident. There is a message behind Tesla’s naming of their vehicles, and it is that electric cars are S3XY. But, is that enough reason to go buy a Tesla vehicle?

Similarities between Model 3 and Model Y

  • Both use same production line 
  • Both look alike 
  • Model Y shares about 75% of its constituents with Model 3

Differences (that we know so far) between Model 3 and Model Y

  • Model Y is 10% bigger than Model 3
  • Model Y has one big panoramic glass roof, instead of split screen in Model 3
  • Model Y has power lift gate while Model 3 has manual lift gate that you can convert to power lift gate aftermarket 
  • Model Y comes factory chrome delete, although you can easily chrome delete on your Model 3
  • Model Y has third row seating increasing the passenger capacity to 7. Although some of my friends who tried the back row commented that because of the limited space it is practically for kids.

Should you add or upgrade to Model Y? 

Model Y Interior (Source: Tesla.com)

If you have already bought Tesla’s recently released Model 3, I have better recommendation. 

Instead of owning a Tesla Model 3 and Y, stick with the former and invest in Tesla solar roof for your electric vehicle. A solar roof allows you to go completely green in electricity generation which is good for the environment and your wallet. 

Charging your Tesla vehicle is no longer free and a solar roof could go a long way in helping you save.

What if you Don’t have Model 3?

Tesla Model 3 (Source: Tesla.com)

The $35,000 Tesla Model 3 Vehicle

If you don’t have a model 3 and is considering buying a Model Y, then seriously consider buying a Model 3 now. The two vehicles are very similar. But if you really must get a Model Y, then wait until 2020/21. 

The Model Y vehicle Tesla will produce in 2020/21 will have a cost almost the same as current Model 3. The Tesla Model Y standard vehicle expected to be out in 2021 will retail at $ 39,000. A long range model expected out in 2020 is expected to retail at $47,000.

Tesla Model Y Features

Tesla Model Y (Source: Tesla.com)

Model Y, like all its siblings is equipped to be the safest vehicle in its class. It is great for protection because of its crumple zones which are large, a body structure that is rigid and its rather low center of gravity. 

Here are other to-die for features that make this crossover SUV a near perfect buy.

  • The Tesla Model Y can seat 7. The second row of seats are able to fold flat of themselves to make more room incase you have plenty of cargo. The vehicle has a trunk floor that is low which makes unloading and loading the vehicle speedy and efficiently done.  There is enough room to carry almost anything in this crossover SUV.
  • Tesla’s Model y is an all wheel drive. It is equipped with electric motors which are independent and ultra-responsive that control torque to rear and front wheels digitally. Tesla says this allows far much better stability control, traction and handling. The vehicle handles off-road conditions, mud, snow and rain very well.
  • The vehicle is fully electric and so no need to visit a gas station ever again. You can charge your battery overnight and wake up to a full battery. You can also charge anywhere at public stations should it be needed.
  • Like all her siblings, Tesla Model Y comes loaded with features that put it in the future of driving. These include ability to monitor blind spots, collision warnings and emergency braking. Model Y has full self driving capabilities.  The vehicle is also able to come and find you anywhere you may be in a parking lot.

Model Y pricing (Source:Tesla.com)

  • The vehicle has a low dash and an elevated seating position to give the driver an unassailable view of the road ahead. Tesla put in a lot of thought for the driver when they created Model Y. 
  • The Tesla Model Y has a charming interior. It is clean and simple, with a touch screen that is 15 inches, a captivating sound system and an extensive glass roof.  The elegant glass roof not only adds to the style of the vehicle, it also creates extra headroom while providing a breathtaking view of the sky.
  • It accelerates to 60mph in 3.5 seconds and has a maximum speed of 150 mph. 

Tesla Model Y vs. its siblings

Tesla Model X (Source: Tesla.com)

Tesla Model X vehicle

Like other Tesla vehicles, Tesla model Y holds out rather well against its competition, now that there is. Other auto makers such as jaguar are venturing into the battery electric vehicle market, which should be giving Tesla some competition. But, how does Model Y hold out against its siblings from Tesla? 


  1. Price

Model Y is certainly not the cheapest Tesla to buy and run. The cheapest Tesla vehicle to buy is the Model 3 so far. The standard range model 3 retails at $35,000 while the similar vehicle for model Y will come out in 2021 and is expected to retail at $39,000. Despite obvious similarities between Model Y and 3, the former is significantly improved even though it was built on the same platform as the latter. Model X is the most expensive Tesla to purchase followed by the Tesla roadster.

  1. Styling

Model Y has a fascia design borrowed from model 3’s compact sedan style. However, when you consider view of profile which is a roofline that is kind of sloping, leading to a rear end that is flat, Y resembles Model X. The tail of model Y and the taillight housings also resemble those of Model X. 


  1. Cabin layout

The cabin layout in the Tesla model Y coming out in 2020 totally resembles the one is Tesla model 3. 

  1. Interior

Interior of Tesla model X and Y are similar. Model X being the pricier vehicle has a few extras added to it, though. A good example is the dashboard of model X which is taller and more complex than that of model Y. The touchscreen on model X is also two inches larger than model Y. Model X has a touchscreen which is 17 inches while model Y has a 15 inch touchscreen.

Final Recommendations:

As a Model 3 owner myself I cannot recommend all of the Tesla cars and products. If you can afford everything Tesla has to offer then great. If you are on a budget then my recommendation is to get Model 3 now before the tax incentives completely expire and add Tesla solar roof so you are completely off of fossil fuel.

For me, I am going to hold onto my LR RWD Model 3 for my family of 4 and get Tesla solar roof pretty soon. And, eventually I will replace my family's ICE SUV with 6-seater Tesla truck. 

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Model 3 is a gem as rare as all the others from Tesla. Order yours today.

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Thank you for considering what is best for the planet and choosing to buy Tesla