Year in review: 2020

I have celebrated many New Year's but never did I look forward to changing the calendar like now.

The year 2020 has been unusual. While many of our personal lives are disrupted, the Tesla community grew larger and stronger.

When I started Elon Accessories my personal life was busy but I knew there was a need for quality products are excellent customer service.

Year after year you prove me right with your support. THANK YOU 🙏.

One of the highlights of 2020 has been a lesson you taught me. Many of you liked the concept of using our beloved Tesla when in the park for productive use- eating, video conferencing, or quite working. For many of us, our Tesla has become an instant office space. But, many of you also dint like many aspects of the older version of CarTray. With your feedback, we redesigned and added a ton of features that will wow you. One of the major limitations of the older CarTray was that it could not accommodate various steering wheel diameters and also hurt the steering wheel. We solved both the issues and now the CarTray works in Teslas and almost every other car. CarTray is going through the patent filing process. More here:

The best highlight of 2020 is that we are going green and continue to respond to the needs of the planet and people. We were able to donate to plant at least 500 trees and feed at least 5,000 people. More here:

All of this is not possible without your continued support. THANK YOU AGAIN 🙏.

Year in review 2020

Thank you for your time. 

I wish you and your family a fantastic 2021. May the new year be filled with health,  happiness and fulfillment. 

Cheers 🥂,