Tesla Model 3 Review : Price, Features, Benefits and Comparison

The Tesla Model 3 price is rather modest considering the features and upgrades the vehicle comes loaded with. It starts at a base price of $35,000 before maintenance and gas savings as well as incentives. But you might be wondering if Tesla compromised on quality to put the electric vehicle in the market at such a low price? Apparently they have not. 


Base Tesla Model 3, 220 mile range

To factor in the model 3 base price, Tesla is selling the vehicles online only. They will close all their stores globally, according to Tesla CEO, Elon Musk in a recent call with reporters. Most people shop online these days, so Tesla is just pulling ahead of others in the pack by going fully online.

Here we look at why having this vehicle is such a saving compared to others in its league.


Tesla Model 3 Features


Premium Tesla Model 3 that initially cost $44,000

Tesla Model 3 is the first vehicle that the auto maker produced for the mass market. The $35,000 vehicle, which is the most affordable tesla produced vehicle, did not arrive in the market until February 2019. All Model 3 vehicles feature Tesla’s autopilot, advanced infotainment and a minimalist interior. 

Here are the very impressive features you can expect of the top specs Tesla Model 3 available at a price of $44,000, but costing $57,500 with some additional options. However, do note that Tesla has also produced a version of model 3 that is high performance and all-wheel drive at a base price of $78,000.

  • All tesla model 3 vehicles have a minimalist interior almost devoid of any buttons. The design can be upgraded in the future and is functional and very simple. 
  • The model 3 has an infotainment system that is central, touchscreen, and 15 inches. Almost everything in this model runs on this as it is the vehicle’s mind. It makes instrument cluster inside the vehicle totally unnecessary.



Vinyl kits interior for Tesla model 3

  • The tesla Model 3 still available now has an internet streaming FM radio that was developed and designed in-house by Tesla.  The radio has terrific sound quality.
  • The steering has multi-tasking capabilities as is equipped with two scrolls. The Model 3 tesla lacks switching gears and buttons. You can use the steering to do almost anything from adjusting mirrors to changing volume.



  • Model 3 has hidden air vents that look quite cool. The air vents are in the narrow, long crevice that runs the length of the vehicle’s front dash. Adjustments to the air vents are made using the vehicles touch screen
  • It has a 15 inch display and has a backup camera that is huge and that has excellent clarity. 
  • Enhanced autopilot comes as an option worth $5000 on the higher spec Model 3. Tesla autopilot is essentially an advanced super cruise control system. It controls the vehicles steering, brakes and throttle when activated. But despite this super system, you have to remain vigilant and control the vehicle.  
  • Model 3 does not come with any button or physical key and is made for app control. You start Model 3 by accessing the app, which also controls a number of other functions.
  • It comes with a key card for valet or emergency access. You can use the card to unlock the car or start it.
  • It has a pair of charging docks, built into the car. You can charge android devices and iPhones on either of the charging docks. 
  • The top specs model 3 comes with a glass roof for an excellent view of the skyline!

With such state of the art features, the tesla model 3 is sure a must have vehicle.


Software Upgrade Options On Tesla’s Model 3

Tesla’s Model 3 comes with hardware for autopilot options though buyers do not have to them when they first purchase the vehicles. A vehicle owner can buy the autopilot options via software updates over-the-air after purchasing the car. 

Towards the end of February 2019, Tesla announced price reductions on software upgrades. Vehicle owners can get software upgrades to autopilot options at $2000. They can also now get full driving capability at an additional $3000. 

The full self-driving features in Tesla’s model 3, but the driver must be ready to take control of the vehicle at any time. Self-driving while you sleep in the vehicle or chat away on your phone is still not yet available on this Tesla vehicle. 

For vehicle owners who had already paid the earlier pricier costs of software upgrades, tesla is now giving EAP consolation prize. EAP stands for Early Access Program where participants experience and provide feedback on new features on Tesla’s vehicles before they are rolled out to customers. 

Tesla Model 3 Compared to Competitors


Tesla model 3 has a drive quality that is better than all its competition.  In fact, according to top journalists, race car drivers and others who have driven the model 3, its drive quality is top of the range for most vehicles in the market! This impressive quality is thanks to the fact that it is an electric car. Electric cars tend to do extremely well in drive quality ratings.

Another excellent quality of the Model 3 tesla is safety. According to NHTSA, it has the best safety score ever for any car. This exceptional safety rating means while driving the model 3 tesla vehicle, you run the lowest risk of being hurt in case of an accident. And this is when compared to all vehicles on the road.

As well, amongst its competition, Tesla model 3 offers more space than most of its competition and comes in 5th in its class. In terms of cargo space, it is second best in its class. Model 3 also beats others in its class in the 0-60mph acceleration.  With such impressive qualities one must wonder at the costs of running such a vehicle.

Running the Model 3 Tesla Vs Competition


Tesla Model 3 outdoes its competition by far

Despite the impressive features of the Tesla Model 3 compared to others in its class, it has a significantly lower base price than others in its class. It also crushes the competition in terms of fuel efficiency/ economy by far. 

By considering  $3,750 credit in tax + 6 years of expected savings on fuel at a rate of10,000 miles a annum, $2.85/gallon, and in cents 13 a kWh, the tesla Model 3 offers the best value for your money. You save big and get great value while at it. 

So what are you waiting for? Go online and order your Tesla model 3 right away. 

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