Why parents should consider buying Tesla?

As an resident of this wonderful planet we all have the responsibility of improving the conditions of and on the planet Earth. 

But, as parents the responsibility is much more serious. Because, when we consider future for our children we can no longer ignore the climate that they will live in. 

Here are some reasons why driving Tesla is good from a family point of view:  

  1. Optional rear facing seats for bette entertainment and experience during long trips
  2. Heavy battery means low center of gravity therefore reduces rollover chances 
  3. Vegan leather interiors means no animals were hurt in making this car
  4. Tesla has high-temperature control mode which does not let the inside car temperature rise more than set limit. This is helpful when you have kids or pets in the car and left unattended accidentally 
  5. Silent driving means you can have quality time chatting or jamming to music or study in the car (who does that in the car anyways!!)
  6. Heated front and rear seats 
  7. Wi-Fi hotspot
  8. Forward collision warning and Automatic emergency braking
  9. Expansive moonroof means kids can experience nature beautiful sky day or night
  10. Cargo capacity: 15 cubic feet in Model 3, 30 cubic feet in Model S and 80 cubic feet in Model X. Compare that to Jeep Wrangler with 12.9 cubic feet cargo capacity 
  11. Kids with car seats is not a problem. 
  12. No pollution in the garage 
  13. Bio-Defense mode: Tesla Model S and X advance air filter system keeps out pollens, virus and bacteria. So good bye to allergies and asthma. 
  14. If your young adult son/daughter is the driver the car then you could do the following using Valet Mode.  
    • Restrict the top speed to 70mph
    • Cut down the power by 25%
    • Track the car 

Here is the final thought. The man behind Tesla, Elon Musk has six kids. Is there any doubt that his cars would not be good for families?