1. Do you ship to other countries?

Yes. We have shipped to many countries and continents. 

2. What is the shipping cost?

It depends on the shipping zone. The shipping cost is $7 and up. The best way is to go through checkout process where you'll be presented with many shipping options. 

3. When will my order ship?

Your order ships within hours. 



1. Do I need a screen protector?

If you are going to be driving during the day and if the reflections and fingerprints bother you then you would benefit from our screen protector. 

2. Why don't you sell glossy screen protector? 

We asked ourselves this question at the beginning of the product development. Since the Tesla touchscreens are secured and doesn't come in contact with abrasive materials (like a phone would do with keys when in pocket), we did not see a need to 'protect' the touchscreen. But, what we realized was that the glare during the daytime and fingerprints are two real pesky problems. Anti-glare screen protector does wonders in cutting down the glare and reducing the annoying fingerprints. 

3. Do I see sensitivity loss after the install?

You DO NOT see loss of sensitivity. In fact, you'll experience smoother finger sliding compared to juddering motion currently your fingers experience on the factory touchscreen.   

4. Is there a clarity loss?

Anti-glare functionality is achieved by diffusing the light. Which means you'll see the screen a tad grainy (0.07% clarity loss) at first. But, you'll come to like it in no time. The experience is similar to walking into your house after a new coat of paint; it feels new but you will fall in love quickly.



1. Is the installation difficult? 

We have written careful instructions to walk you through every step. It helps to watch the installation video: ElonAccessories.com/Installation 

2. What if I break the glass during the installation?

Please reach out to us and we will make sure you are taken care of.