We are deep rooted in Silicon Valley ethos - it is not only important to solve a problem with Good technology but an Elegant design is an absolute part of the solution. 

When we looked at Tesla cars we were just amazed at the innovation, boldness and the fan following. We knew some Tesla owners would love to accessorizing their car much like how they accessorized their other gas cars or phones. 

We never set out to make cheap products. We knew it will be hard to make the case for premium products to any car owner but not for Tesla owners. 

Most Tesla owners understand and in fact, work in startups that embrace MVP, lean startup and design centric solutions. 

After starting couple of apps and SaaS products, I had an itch to get into physical products. I was reading about Tesla Model S (Model 3 was just announced then!!) and how it gathered rave fans and following. Then it struck me - There is a need for premium accessories that does not compromise on quality, design or customer care. 

After my parental responsibilities (putting my son to sleep in nights etc.) I worked on this project for almost a year. Two engineers, two manufacturers and I went through many interactions of the product. Along the way I made some good friends with new Tesla Model 3 owners in Bay Area, where I live. 

Our goal was to create accessories for your Tesla that is so good that you as a user will experience priceless peace. 

We also didn't want to shy away from corporate responsibilities. I strongly feel businesses are not all about profits. Businesses can make difference. That is why we partnered with local organization that fight the good fight of protecting our environment. 

I hope you like the accessories and share our mission with others. 


Ram Gangisetty

Founder & Customer Happiness Specialist