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Tesla Autopilot %3A What%2C How%2C Why. (including Pro Tips)

Atopilot: What, How and Why, and Pro-Tips Tesla Model 3/S/X are built for self-driving. Autopilot is step in that directions.  When I bought my Model 3 (referred by his name Rebel hereafter) Tesla was clear (and clever) to present Autopilot for $5,000 (USD) or $7,000 (USD) later. I chose to wait on getting Autopilot for many reasons: I LOVE driving and didn't want to delegate driving to a software  $5,000, plus loan interest on it, was significant enough of cost that I had no choice but to table it I mostly do in-city driving and against traffic so did not see a need for reprieve from traffic hassles  I did not fully comprehend what it could do But Tesla was kind...

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