2023 & 2022 Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Premium Quality Touchscreen Protector
[Version 2] Premium Quality Touch Screen Protector for Tesla Model 3/Y by ElonAccessories
[Version 2] Premium Quality Touch Screen Protector for Tesla Model 3/Y by ElonAccessories
[Version 2] Premium Quality Touch Screen Protector for Tesla Model 3/Y by ElonAccessories
[Version 2] Premium Quality Touch Screen Protector for Tesla Model 3/Y by ElonAccessories
[Version 2] Premium Quality Touch Screen Protector for Tesla Model 3/Y by ElonAccessories
[Version 2] Premium Quality Touch Screen Protector for Tesla Model 3/Y by ElonAccessories
2023 & 2022 Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Premium Quality Touchscreen Protector

2023 & 2022 Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Premium Quality Touchscreen Protector

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Perfect Fit. Perfect Protection.

In your Model 3/Y, touchscreen is the only part on dashboard and that you interact the most for various functions- music, maps, climate control etc. 

The first thing anyone (including you) steps into your Model 3/Y notices and starts to fiddle with is touchscreen. 

We wanted to protect this essential part of Model 3/Y so you can enjoy it peacefully. 

After months of measuring, designing and modifying, we are proud to introduce our premium quality screen protector for your Model 3/Y. You can be at peace with our all-in-one, best in class screen protector. 



   Our screen protector is invisible yet invaluable, giving you peace every time you or someone else touches your Model 3/Y touchscreen. 



  You probably already noticed glare on your Model 3/Y touchscreen when driving in sun. Because of anti-glare properties, our screen protector will help you read the touchscreen better during the day and save your eyes from straining. 


     Our matte finish screen protector is 97% transparent (the rest 3% is what diffuses the light as part of anti-glare property). Other Tesla owners reported good readability after the install. 


Elon Accessories_Fingerprint proof Screen protector  FINGERPRINT PROOF:

  Touchscreen in your Model 3/Y is most frequently interacted part. You probably already noticed the annoying fingerprints or want to prevent them. Although it is impossible to eliminate all the fingerprints, our screen protector drastically reduces the fingerprints and makes it easy to wipe clean the few.


Elon Accessories_Perfect Fit Screen protector


   We worked on the screen protector for months, went over 5 iterations, tried different designs and finally happy (and proud) to have made a perfect fit screen protector. Once installed you almost will not notice it's presence.






     We worked hard on installation process and made it very simple to install. Besides the step-by-step installation video (below), we also provide clear instructions with every order. Did we mention we provide custom made accessories (wet and dry wipes, cleaning cloth, dust absorbers and guide stickers) to install the screen protector? 






   Buy with the peace of mind. We believe in quality of our screen protector. You can be rest assured of the screen protector and save thousands of dollars from avoiding potential scratches or damage to the touchscreen. If needed, on a case by case basis we offer the first screen replacement for free. 



Elon Accessories_Shake Hands Screen protector  LET US TAKE CARE OF OUR ENVIRONMENT:

  It is our planet and only planet. Let us undo the damage we did over the years. Your purchase helps us support charities that are committed to rebuilding the nature through planting trees.   


  • Custom made high-quality tempered glass screen protector 
  • Wet and dry cleaning wipes 
  • Microfiber cloth 
  • Instruction manual 
  • Surprise goodies that every Tesla owner loves :) 


 Elon Accessories | Time to install Takes 7 minutes to install 

Elon Accessories | Users needed Can be installed by one person

Tesla Model 3/Y Screen Protector Installation video (Updated for 2021):


1. Do you ship international?

Yes, we do. 

2. Why don't your use plastic alignment tray?

In general, our philosophy is to be kind with mother nature. We try and reduce usage of one-time plastic. Using plastic alignment tray means filling landfills with unnecessary one-time use plastic. Instead, we worked hard and perfected alignment and installation using tabs which not only gives you greater control in alignment, but allows you for final inspection before you lay the screen protector down.

3. Will I see bubbles when I install?

Our Sun Down method (letting glue slide down slowly from top to bottom, much like sun setting) means that you will not see any bubbles. In an unlikely case you do see air trap then it is much easier to eliminate air using the Sun Down method. 

4. How soon do you ship?

All orders ship within 24 hours. Orders placed before 4 PM (PST) ship same day for 5 PM mail pickup. Rest of the orders ship next day. 

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31 Dec 2023

Fabulous Screen Protector!

Elon Accessories only offers top quality items for your Tesla. I’ve been using the Touch Screen Protector since I purchased my car back in 2018. The Screen Protector has performed flawlessly since then. Recently, a corner of the Protector was damaged (I have no idea how that happened) and I contacted Elon Accessories. The owner, Ram, actually replied directly and had a replacement sent out to me free of charge. As it turns out, products from Elon Accessories come with a lifetime warranty. You may pay a bit more for their products but the warranty is built into the price. I didn’t even have to pay for shipping. Ram took very good care of me. Not only this, but as a customer, a tree was planted in my name because Ram is environmentally conscious. Elon Accessories is a great company, and I highly recommend that all Tesla owners support this company!

04 Oct 2023
Renee L.
United States United States

One nice kit!

Comes with everything you need and then some. Do watch the installation video and do your best to remove all the dust from your car before you begin. I cleaned everything extra thoroughly and somehow had a small particle that made it in there. Luckily I was able to gently lift the protector and use the dust collector from the kit to remove the trouble maker. Now that the protector is installed there are so many less smudges from daily use and the glare is significantly reduced. My only complaint is a slight polarization is added to the screen that's noticeable when I wear my sunglasses.

07 Sep 2023
Sebastien G.
United States United States

Touchscreen protector

Great quality, fast shipping! Highly recommended

09 Aug 2023
Jon W.
United States United States

So happy, I bought another one and I’d do it again

This screen protector was the first accessory I bought for my 2018 Model 3. I remember being so frustrated with fingerprints all over the screen after just a few days and constantly having to wipe it down. Looking back I was lucky to come across reviews of Elon accessories. I installed it in just a few minutes during my first supercharging experience. Over 5 years I only rarely had to wipe down the screen. I was so satisfied that it was the first thing I ordered for my new Model Y. When I picked it up today, I was sure to install it before I set up anything else. Bravo Ram. Thank you for making such a great product.

03 Jun 2023
Tina E.
United States United States

Excellent Customer Service

My first screen after a few months had a bubble that I could not remove. After contacting Ram for help they replaced the screen, no questions asked. Great product and even better customer service...thank you.