Tesla V9 Software Update: What we know (so far)

Tesla Software Update V9

After months of anticipation and requests by Tesla owners, Elon Musk tweeted yesterday that Tesla engineers are doing final testing on V9 software update.

Here is the rundown of what to expect in Tesla Software Update V9:

  1. Dashcam- stored in USB and only front camera recording 
  2. Fade mode : see only important information on touchscreen 
  3. UI updates to Model S and X to look like Model 3
  4. Menu only at the bottom of the screen 
  5. Improved navigation with waypoints 
  6. Show speed limit speed on the road you are driving on 
  7. Drive On Nav : potentially the car self-driving to the destination 
  8. Ability to select HOV on/off so the route can guide you on HOV lane 
  9. Atari games
  10. Visualization of automobiles. Cars, trucks and bicycles 
  11. Blind-spot monitor 

Expected release date: October 2018.