A Perfect Gift for Tesla Owners

Tesla owners get to name their car. No Tesla owner takes this task lightly. The reason is Tesla is one of the prized possessions. 

How do I know? Because I am a Tesla owner. In fact, I am one of the early adopters of Tesla.

Like most Tesla owners, when I bought my Tesla I was amazed by technology to minimalism, from design to speed.

We at Elon Accessories work with a similar ethos- minimalism and custom-centric approach. 

We are obsessed with two things- quality products and superior customer service. Our product has received nothing but 5-star reviews. 

Here is a quick rundown of why Elon Accessories screen protector makes for a perfect gift for any Tesla owner: 

  • We treat others just like how we wanted to be treated
  • Superior quality screen protector. Guaranteed.
  • Premium gift-able product packaging 

How far do we go to treat others nicely? In 2018 one of our customers in Los Angeles bought a present for his nephew on December 23rd after the cut-off time for same-day shipping, which meant the screen protector would not arrive on Christmas Day. So, I and my cousin drove down overnight for 7 hours to hand-deliver the screen protector on December 24th morning so he could present it to his nephew (see the GIF at the end of the post). This is not scalable. But, this goes to show how important customers and their satisfaction is for us at Elon Accessories. 

I can't wait for a chance to delight your family or friend. Give us a chance. 

Feel free to use TESLAGIFT as your coupon for 10% OFF. 

A perfect gift for Tesla owner by Elon Accessories