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Tesla accessories: Myth busters about Elon Accessories

When it comes to options for accessories for your Tesla you have a couple of options.  If you are new to Elon Accessories then thank you for stopping by. If you are returning then I hope this article clarifies how we stand out. The best way we thought we could present the information is through common myths and what our customers have to say about them. MYTH 1: EXPENSIVE We hear that from people before buying our products. Once they bought though, they are glad they did. Let's see what Mike has to say: Best screen protector for your Model 3 or Y PERIOD I tried several screen protectors from Amazon that had high ratings for our new Model Y...

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What Tesla accessories do I need? (Updated for 2021)

Congratulations on your Tesla. As minimalist as your Tesla Model 3, Y, S and X is, some of the below accessories will either extend the life of the car or just make owning and driving your Tesla a bit more joyful. Here is the list:  Touchscreen Protector: Reduce the glare and fingerprints while protecting the factory touchscreen from accidental damages. We recommend ElonAccessories Model 3/Y Screen protector for it's great quality and customer service. Get them here. All-weather floor mats: All-weather, 3D fit floor mats give you peace of mind and aesthetically enhance your Tesla. Get them here. As of this post they are sold out.    Jeda Wireless Hub: Jeda's wireless chargers for Model 3 are very popular. Although Model Y...

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Tesla Model S, Model X refresh: 2021

You must have heard that Tesla finally released pictures of refreshed Model S and X. They look gorgeous. Here is the roundup of features that got everyone excited. 17" horizontal touchscreen  Touchscreen can tilt- left to right  ​8" Rear passenger screen Gaming computer Chrome delete Yoke steering wheel - this makes sense when you consider most of the driving will be done for you and steering wheel will play a ceremonious role No stalk controls  New UI  ​Tri-zone climate controls and no physical vents  Ambient lighting along the chrome  Powerful speakers Noise cancellation microphones  New wheels Wireless phone charging in the center console but also one on the back side of armrest in the back seat Headrest for every seat Midnight silver metallic exterior color Perforated front seats Phone key Full glass roof for Model S Heat pumps Model...

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