Tesla Model S, Model X refresh: 2021

You must have heard that Tesla finally released pictures of refreshed Model S and X. They look gorgeous. Here is the roundup of features that got everyone excited.

  • 17" horizontal touchscreen 
  • Touchscreen can tilt- left to right 
  • ​8" Rear passenger screen
  • Gaming computer
  • Chrome delete
  • Yoke steering wheel - this makes sense when you consider most of the driving will be done for you and steering wheel will play a ceremonious role
  • No stalk controls 
  • New UI 
  • ​Tri-zone climate controls and no physical vents 
  • Ambient lighting along the chrome 
  • Powerful speakers
  • Noise cancellation microphones 
  • New wheels
  • Wireless phone charging in the center console but also one on the back side of armrest in the back seat
  • Headrest for every seat
  • Midnight silver metallic exterior color
  • Perforated front seats
  • Phone key
  • Full glass roof for Model S
  • Heat pumps
  • Model S delivery starts in March
  • Model X delivery starts in April

Other suggest from the call:

  • No scheduled maintenance for the lifetime of the car 
  • Tesla prefers in-app appointments inline of phone customer service  
  • Cybertruck design is complete. Tesla will use 8,000 ton casting press in Giga Austin to build Cybertruck
  • Tesla's goals is to make cars that do not need service at all
  • FSD subscription in about a month 

What did we miss?